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Naugahyde Dream Sequence: RIP LP

Biscuit: Vocals and little noise makers
J.D. Fanning: Guitar
Josh Chalmers: Bass
Max Brody: Drums, Percussion, Horns, Keyboards and Samples

Produced by Max Brody
Copyright 2014 Naugahyde Dream Sequence

Granted, Naugahyde Dream Sequence is no Big Boys. But if you were a fan of Biscuit’s or ever enjoyed Texas-styled, twisted, psychedelic ranting then you will want to hear the two records this unit created. The concept was to bring ranting into rock, to create characters that could be used as springboards of performance, rather than a strict set of lyrics. The music was a background for poetry-slam. Biscuit was very proud of the first album, and was interested in doing more.

“Sweet Memories Of You” was recorded on August 14, just 4 days before his sudden death on August 18, 2005. We were planning on starting a new band and I had him over to record him all by himself...just to see what key he would naturally tend to sing in. I wanted to try to write songs in key signatures that would be natural for him to sing in and not be a strain for him. Looking back, its so super creepy that there was a theme of death in these songs. I swear neither of us were thinking he was about to die... there were so many plans being made right then...he had an art show, was helping with a fashion show, and just had a front cover picture and a big ol interview in the Austin Chronicle. So, he was on a roll, and we were fixin to open a can of whoop-ass.

When he died it was a rug-pull, to be sure. It took a couple of years before I could even listen back to the rough takes. And then to hear all the references to kinda really weirded me out. Since then, the computer that the sessions were created on crapped out. So whats left are some rough drafts... but some pretty cool ones. I’m sure Randy would want it out. Poor quality can add a little something interesting to a mix sometimes, but to me whats important here is the jazz-like quality of improvisation in a rock vein, with ranting for vocals rather than good old fashioned verses and choruses. Biscuit prided himself on being able to be given a character and a situation to be in and to just go with it.

I do believe he was a genius at it... Our self titled LP demonstrates that, as does this, his very last recordings.

Who knew fate would put me in this position. I have so much respect. I’m kinda speechless. I just hope I can do a good job of presenting the Swan Song of such a man as the one and only Randy J. “Biscuit” Turner.


released November 25, 2014


all rights reserved


about Seattle, Washington


Associated with Austin, TX & a bunch of bands, like: MINISTRY, TEST APES, INSECT SEX ACT, AREOLA 51, EURIPIDES PANTS, PINK ANVIL, SANGRE DE TORO, and many others. His projects have often included members of bands like BUTTHOLE SURFERS, SCRATCH ACID, BIG BOYS, BAD LIVERS, CRUST, LUBRICATED GOAT, MINISTRY & many others.

He now resides in Shoreline, WA

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